Perot Museum Review: Family Day Out

The sky was gloomy, the temperature was cool, and we were getting stir crazy in the house. It felt like a museum kind of day, so I called one of my friends and she gave us complimentary tickets to the Perot Museum. Even better! I knew it would probably be packed because it was a weekend, but again I… Continue reading

You are My Sunshine Birthday Party

My lil Sunshine recently turned ONE and we had a blast celebrating her big birthday milestone. I choose the Sunshine theme for many reason: it’s cute, it’s a family tradition (my mom sang it to me all the time) and her birthday falls in the Summer. Here are some of the elements and craft ideas I came up with for… Continue reading

DIY Chalkboard Birthday Board

You’ve seen them on Pinterest - the cute DIY chalkboard birthday boards that parents take pictures of their kids with. I wanted to buy one, but quickly found out they are on the pricey side. Given the fact that all of my money is going towards diapers and formula right now – I decided to make… Continue reading

Ivory Soap Microwave Science Experiment

I received an Ivory Bar Soap compliments of Influenster and I don’t use bar soap, so I decided to blow it up – literally! I waited to get my husband and stepson in on the fun. They really didn’t believe me when I told them that a bar of Ivory soap will blow up into a huge cloud,… Continue reading

Influenster TLC VoxBox Review

You never know what you will get when Influenster sends you an email saying you are eligible for the next vox box. It’s the one time as an adult that I am actually excited to run out and get the mail. Usually, it’s only bills and junk mail that I get in my mailbox.

This time Influenster focused on… Continue reading

Good to be Home: Weekend Round Up

We had a pretty non – eventful weekend that involved staying put and not going out of town. It was nice to chill and just hang around at the house with the family. We learned a few things about our kids (including our furbaby Dax) over the weekend:

A) Reese loves the swing her dad built. Dax does not because… Continue reading

Easy Craft Room Organization Ideas

Slowly and surely I am trying to organize all the craft supplies that I have collected over the years. I am guilty for buying the same things over and over because I have no idea where I put it previously. I came up with a few craft room organization ideas below.

Over-the-door Shoe Organizer

Use an over the door… Continue reading

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