Halloween Party Guide

Halloween Party Guide

Are you waiting until the eleventh hour to plan your Halloween Party? It can be easy to fall behind considering how busy your life can get. Don’t let lack of time or creativity get in the way of throwing an amazing Halloween Party.

Thanks to Sleepyheads it is easier than ever to plan your own Halloween Party in a short amount of time!  This Halloween Party Guide features many Halloween games, craft and… Continue reading

My Self-Interview

A Selfie Blogger Interview

In a few short weeks, the Texas Women Bloggers are having their first get-together in Dallas and I couldn’t be any more excited. Bloggers are writing their own self-interview in an effort to get to know each other prior  to the Girls Night Farm-to-Table Dinner Event. Many of us have only talked via email and through each other blogs, so I am excited to meet them face-to-face.

My Self-Interview

1. What is your… Continue reading

Event Planner Must Haves

Event Planner Must Haves

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During my time as an event planner, I have worked several outdoor festivals (Bike the Bricks & McKinney Oktoberfest). Here is my list of event planner must have items for Outdoor Festivals that make my job easier and keep my body and mind in good shape.

Outdoor Festival Event Planner Must Haves

(Items listed from Top to Bottom – Left to Right)

1. myCharge… Continue reading

Saying Goodbye to Baby Bottles

Saying Goodbye to Bottles

We did it. We finally did it. We got Reese off the bottle. Cue the marching band, confetti, and happy dances! She graduated to the sippy cup and we haven’t looked back for over a week now.

Yes, it was longer than I wanted.

Yes, she is 15 months old.

Yes, we tried hard to wean her off her bottles starting at a year old, but she just wasn’t as ready as… Continue reading

Tucker Hill Pumpkinville

Tucker Hill Pumpkinville Family Fun

Last weekend we visited the Tucker Hill Pumpkinville for our annual family pumpkin patch outing.  We have been to several pumpkin patches that are huge, crowded and expensive. This was a nice change of pace. It was literally next door to where we live and other than the weather being unusually hot for a fall day, it was the perfect backdrop for a Pumpkin Patch. Located in McKinney, TX in the Tucker… Continue reading

DIY Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder

Last week at our High Noon event, we made DIY Bird Feeders for the kids and they absolutely loved making them. This craft idea is super easy to make and the kids really get excited to see birds try to come up to their finished bird feeder. (Warning: this craft requires peanut butter. Please make sure that their are no children present that have a nut allergy).

DIY Bird Feeder Tutorial


 … Continue reading

Date Night at Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar

hiskey Cake Kitchen Bar

After three weeks of working overtime for both my hubby and I (we both work two separate Oktoberfest events in the DFW area), we decided that a date night was long over due. We took the plunge, hired a sitter and had an adult conversation over a warm cooked meal coupled with an adult beverage or two. We were not disappointed with our dining selection for the evening.

Date Night… Continue reading

The Many Faces of a Toddler

The Many Faces of a Toddler

If there is one thing I have learned about toddlers it’s that they have multiple personalities that change without notice. Some personalities are enjoyable while others are challenging.  None the less, it’s never a dull moment with a toddler- especially when they are in a high chair unable to get out.  When you have a toddler who is always on the move, you can witness a multitude of personality… Continue reading

How my Toddler can Turn Trash into Treasure


Every day with a toddler in the house brings excitement, challenges and can be filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. After experiencing and surviving several mornings filled with stress from a teething toddler, it was nice to take a pause and simply enjoy watching my toddler play with junk this morning.  It was junk that I was too lazy to pick up from the night before because I was completely spent on trying to… Continue reading

DIY Faux Vintage Pumpkins

IY Faux Vintage Pumpkins

Fall is upon us which means pumpkins, gourdes, and fall decor are all the rage. We carve pumpkins every year, which we will do again, but I wanted to try another pumpkin craft that I saw on Pinterest. There are so many different craft ideas that you can make with the faux pumpkins. They were recently on sale for half off at Michaels.  If you are looking for an easy fall craft that… Continue reading

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