DIY Baby Shower Gift Baskets

Baby fever is running wild lately within my circle of friends and so are the baby showers. When it comes to giving baby shower gifts, I love to team up with another friend to create custom gift baskets.  They are complete with baby necessities with a few fun extras.

I… Continue reading

Letting go of Perfection in a Perfect Society

Over the last year, I have really struggled to find balance in my life as a new working mom. It has been a challenge to find time to do the things that I have always loved and cherished: writing, catching up with friends, working out, walking the dog, having a date night with my husband and seeing family that don’t… Continue reading

12 Back to School Teacher Gift Ideas

School is right around the corner and parents are rejoicing while teachers are probably feeling otherwise. Although I am in no rush for my little one to grow up and go to school (other than lowered daycare expenses), I do look forward to the opportunity to make fun gifts for her teachers. I have rounded up 12 Back to… Continue reading

Our First Family Photography Session

They say the third time is the charm.  Our first take at taking photos of Reese was a flop. Read here… 2nd try she was sick and here we are now. Taking photos of babies/toddlers is a crapshoot, but I think it’s safe to say we finally were able to all pull it together and make these wonderful… Continue reading

7 Reasons I am in Denial about my Baby Growing Up

They say the first step of the grieving process is denial. I am confident that I am mourning the loss of the infant chapter as my baby is now growing into an independent and strong-willed toddler.

There were many times (mainly late at night) when I was ready for the infant chapter to be over and for the… Continue reading

Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa Review


 Lost Pines Resort
We packed our belongings, kids and took a road trip to the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and Spa for a mini family vacation. Located in a small town named Bastrop near Austin, this resort definitely did not disappoint. The landscaping and wilderness of the 405 acre property is eye catching, welcoming and beautiful. The resort is… Continue reading

Usborne Books & More Review and Giveaway

Usborne Books & More Review & Giveaway

Usborne Books & More Review & Giveaway

Usborne Books & More

It’s amazing how a certain book can bring on a great childhood memory. I decided early on that books will be a part of Reese’s life in a consistent basis. It can be tempting to skip bedtime when I have been working all day, but I feel that story time is important and a great way to… Continue reading

Perot Museum Review: Family Day Out

The sky was gloomy, the temperature was cool, and we were getting stir crazy in the house. It felt like a museum kind of day, so I called one of my friends and she gave us complimentary tickets to the Perot Museum. Even better! I knew it would probably be packed because it was a weekend, but again I… Continue reading

You are My Sunshine Birthday Party

My lil Sunshine recently turned ONE and we had a blast celebrating her big birthday milestone. I choose the Sunshine theme for many reason: it’s cute, it’s a family tradition (my mom sang it to me all the time) and her birthday falls in the Summer. Here are some of the elements and craft ideas I came up with for… Continue reading

DIY Chalkboard Birthday Board

You’ve seen them on Pinterest - the cute DIY chalkboard birthday boards that parents take pictures of their kids with. I wanted to buy one, but quickly found out they are on the pricey side. Given the fact that all of my money is going towards diapers and formula right now – I decided to make… Continue reading

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