Good to be Home: Weekend Round Up

We had a pretty non – eventful weekend that involved staying put and not going out of town. It was nice to chill and just hang around at the house with the family. We learned a few things about our kids (including our furbaby Dax) over the weekend:

A) Reese loves the swing her dad built. Dax does not because he loves to run right into it regardless if someone is swinging in it or not, so we had to put him inside while Reese enjoyed the swing.

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

B) Reese hates the small baby pool that I bought last week in hopes to get my water baby excited; However, Dax loves the baby pool.



Daddy to the rescue.


C) I never have a C (ask my friends, inside joke), but I in a nutshell, I had a great weekend spending some quiet quality time with my family including my stepson. I really love to see how much they love each other. He doesn’t let me take a lot of photos of him randomly, but I was able to take this adorable picture of them snuggling on the couch. Isn’t sibling love the best?


How was your weekend, my friends? Anyone out there whose kid hated the baby pool at first but eventually grew to love it? Give me some hope please!


  1. says

    Until Claire was about 18 months or almost 24 months she enjoyed this little Manley Bonzai Sprinkles splish splash kid pool. Even then she didn’t like the water spraying on her. What can I say, she doesn’t have her mommy’s love of water… Yet!

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