Influenster TLC VoxBox Review

You never know what you will get when Influenster sends you an email saying you are eligible for the next vox box. It’s the one time as an adult that I am actually excited to run out and get the mail. Usually, it’s only bills and junk mail that I get in my mailbox.

This time Influenster focused on moms and sent moms like me the #TLCVoxBox filled with a variety of products that moms could use.

Influenster TLC VoxBox Review


What I got really excited about:

Breyers Gelato Indulgences

It looks (and tastes) amazing first of all. I totally forgot about the fact I just joined a gym and wanted to eat better once I saw the free coupon for this treat! Pairs great with at home date night because it’s hard to get out to a real date night when you have a little one at home. I couldn’t decide between all the amazing flavors so I had to buy two of the. The Vanilla Caramel was for me and the Triple Chocolate was for my hubby and stepson. They went back for seconds and I was a happy woman after mine. I never think of Gelato but it’s a tasty alternative to ice cream and it’s half the calories. Score! Definitely a hit in our house and paired great with my binge watching marathon of Orange is the New Black.

Gelato Love

Puffs To Go

With allergy season running rapid, this travel size portion of tissues are perfect to transport in your purse and car. You can never have enough of these especially if you have little kids that are prone to snotty noses wherever you go.

Puffs to Go

Fits perfectly in the pocket of my purse for easy and quick access.

Neosporin Neo To Go

Another travel item for the busy mom with accident prone children or even for mom herself. I know that I accident prone and this would be a great tag along to keep on stand by anytime you take your kids out of the house and into reality. Although Reese is younger than 2 years old (the recommended age for usage), I have a feeling this item will come in handy and help heal and protect any infections caused by cuts and scrapes that happen throughout life. It did come in handy when I cut myself peeling potatoes last night. It never fails. I am a clutz.

Products I was unsure about:

Avon Anew Reveralist Express Wrinkle Smoother

I love Avon products, but I was in deep denial that I needed a wrinkle smoother. There is no way I am old enough to have wrinkles or so I thought. Let’s be real though – I am thirty something and I am getting the dreaded wrinkles near my eyes and a few frown lines because I smile so much. (Is that weird that they are called frown lines when you smile?)

Anyways, that is not Avon’s fault that I have denial issues with my age, so I gave it a shot anyways and it actually does smooth out lines, but not sure it really lasted all day. You must apply with your fingertip and not a brush. I was scared it would be greasy and messy, but it was quite the opposite. Very smooth and vanished instantly off of my fingers upon application. I loved the packaging and the look of the product.

Shell Fuel Rewards Network Card

I am always excited to hear about how to save money when it comes to Gas considering I am always driving. I will be honest though, when I am looking to fill up at the pump, Shell is the last place I consider because it always seems to be the highest priced gas in my neck of the woods. I am glad that they are offering a rewards program, but if it takes a lot of time and effort to save a few cents to get me to the same price as XYZ gas station next door – Forget it because as a mom – “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” I will give them a chance, but as a new mom I really do not have time to mess around to find and work for getting cheap gas.

Ivory Bar Soap

I don’t use bar soap. I prefer body wash because it seems to be gentler on my skin and I have sensitive skin prone to eczema and dry skin. However, I was impressed that this bar soap had no dyes or heavy perfumes since they tend to bother me. I will probably not use this product for bathtime, but perhaps for another science experiment projects. There are so many other uses with ivory soap. Check them out on my Pinterest board: Sud Life

Disclaimer: These products were given to me complimentary for testing purposes from Influenster.

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