DIY Discovery Bottles for Baby

Since Reese turned 6 months old, she has been actively playing and showing off her personality. It’s such a fun phase and I am definitely enjoying her. Sure, there are a ton of toys she does and can play with, but I am not about to spend a ton of money on toys that she will get bored with in less than a few days.

Sensory development is a big deal at this age and I came across Discovery Bottles that you can make for babies on Pinterest. Since I drink a ton of water (thanks to nursing) what better way to reuse these bottles? Check out the DIY Discovery Bottles for Baby that I created over the weekend.

Discovery Bottles

Bottles from Left to Right:
Baby Oil Bottle with Red Topped Pins//Ziploc Tupperware Container filled with Rice//Homemade Lava Lamp// Pom Pom Bottle//Mini Bells Bottle//Half Water-Half Baby Oil +Food coloring+ Glitter

There are several bottles you can make with random items found around the house. Let’s face it, I am NOT a Pinterest Super Mom and my time is limited, so I did not make a million bottles. However, the ones that I did make ended up entertaining her for the afternoon. (Warning: it does get addicting making them and you will want to make a lot, but then you realize you have to cook dinner at some point.)

Make sure you hot glue or super glue the lids on so your sweet baby does not ingest any of the items inside. Baby oil is toxic! Supervise your baby at all times!

Bottle play 2

bottle play

Egg Carton Sensory Play
I used an egg carton and glued down items in each section. The idea behind this is to encourage your baby to touch and feel several different textures. You should always supervise play with your baby, but I would really supervise with this activity to make sure baby doesn’t rip off the items accidentally and stick them in his or her mouth. I hot glued all the materials so she could not take them off easily. Some items I used: rope, bows, paper flowers, jewels, cotton balls, burlap, pom pom balls, stones, and aluminum foil (rolled in a ball). Please use common sense when picking your items. You should NOT use items that are harmful to baby such as tacks, nails, coins (since they are the #1 choking hazard), etc.

egg carton
Reese egg carton

I was pleased turning my trash into treasures that Reese could play with. It was also a fun activity for my stepson to help me create. He got into making the homemade lava lamp. We didn’t let Reese play with the lava lamp bottle because the lid does not stay glued on this activity. It was more for her to look at from a distance and to provide entertainment for my stepson. We both had fun mixing food coloring to get the different colors.

bottle play 3

There are endless possibilities to create your own Discovery Bottles. Once Reese gets older, I will have her join in on the fun and make her own.

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