DIY Diaper Cake Basket

Everyone has heard of a diaper cake, but have you heard about a diaper cake basket? I originally got the idea off of Pinterest. A vendor sells them on Etsy for $45 plus shipping, but I decided to take the challenge and create one for my best friend who is having a baby boy in December.

I was not successful in finding a step-by-step guide to making this basket, so I experimented and after a few hours and a few flops, I created the following basket for Mom to Be:

Diaper Cake

Diaper Basket

My first DIY diaper project for Baby T.


Foam Wreath cut in half
Ribbon to wrap the foam wreath
Pins to pin the diapers to the foam wreath and to place the ribbon in place.
Ribbon to individually wrap each diaper
Ribbon to tie around the diapers to hold them in place and to make a bow
Cake stand for the base
Crinkled paper and baby items to fill the basket with
Wooden elephant from Michael’s

I do have a complaint to make, although the basket was very cute – it was not the most stable item. It wasn’t a total bust and I am not ready to post it on Pinstrosity. I do wish it didn’t take a hit at the shower and in my car on bumpy roads.  Some innocent soul picked up the basket from the handle and it collapsed at the very end of the shower leaving the mom to be wonder why she went home with a trash bag of individually wrapped diapers, random supplies and pins.  (I am cracking up and not surprised that this happened. This kind of stuff always happens to me and maybe I should leave the crafting to the professionals. I refuse to give up though).  Up until that point, it was a talking piece and it was so cute.  If you can come up with a way to make it more stable please comment below so I can make the basket invincible for my next friend who will be welcoming a new baby into this world.

If you are looking for other unique baby shower gift ideas check out some ideas below:

Diaper Wreath

 Baby Annoucement Wreath

Tip Junkie has over 60 homemade baby shower gift ideas. Check it out at here. Have fun and let me know how your homemade project turns out or how much money you paid your crafty friend to make one for you.

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6 Responses to DIY Diaper Cake Basket

  • How about instead of using a cake stand for the base, you use a charger plate? I recently did a “liquor cake” for a friend of mine’s birthday, and used a charger plate for the base that I picked up at Hobby Lobby for $.99 and it worked great :)

  • How about using a real basket. I am going to seach for a basket suitable to attach the diapers too. Coil the ribbon to the handle and voila!!

  • I use cake boards that I buy wholesale. They are like $.40 if you catch them on sale or buy in bulk. :)

  • Another thought, drill a hole through the foam piece on each side and two through your cake board. Wrap a piece of string or ribbon through the holes and tie it to the board. This is how I keep my cakes together is to tie the stuffed animal on the top to the board and you cant even see it until you take it apart. Hope that makes sense. If it doesnt check me out at and I will do my best to explain with pics. :)

  • Hi there,

    I know this is about a year past this post, but I would suggest you wrap the whole thing in cellophane and tie it up with curling ribbon at the top. That way it will all stay together and its sort of gift wrapped that way too. Thanks for your ideas!

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