Kids Crafting with Cardboard Series – Creating a Medieval Masterpiece

At times parents, teachers, and recreation programmers rack their brains trying to come up with the most elaborate kids activities that require a lot of supplies, planning, and supervision. (I am guilty of it too!). However, I have noticed that sometimes less is more.  Just bust out some cardboard boxes to spark children’s imagination! All it takes is a cardboard box, markers, tape, and scissors to have kids entertained and engaged for hours on end with little supervision or steps to take. Even better, it’s amazing to see the children need little guidance to create one-of-a-kind masterpieces.  Today I crashed a colleague’s Spring Break Camp (with my older kids) and we collectively made a Castle and Medieval Masterpiece that everyone was proud of. Thank you to Chef Minok Suh for coming up with the vision and having the children make it a reality. Here are some pictures of today’s progress! (Tomorrow we are making a mall!)


  • Save money by visiting Sears, Best Buy or Walmart and ask if you can have the leftover appliance boxes that they were going to trash. They will gladly give it to you! If not, you are looking at spending some serious cash on boxes.
  • Adults will need to help by cutting the cardboard into different pieces. Never let a child handle a box cutter or razor!
  • Find other items that you think were trash that could be useful in making the castle 3D. Paper plates, bowls, cups, pipe cleaners, cotton balls, etc. The sky is the limit.
  • Have the kids also decorate the inside of the castle. Draw oven, table, phones, security system, etc. This takes up even more time! (Yes, I know that phones were not around during those times, but the kids really wanted their castle to be modern. Who am I to argue with innovation?)
Colorful Castle
Side view of the Castle made entirely by kids
Drawbridge in Progress – All it takes is glue, cardboard and rocks!
Coat of Arms on Shield
Fruit Tree
Fireplace for inside the Castle

Want to keep the activity going? Have the kids write and act out a play with the cardboard boxes as the set. They will love to put on a show and they are so proud once everything is completed.

Castle Village

Check out Chef Minok Suh’s website. She teaches cooking to the kids and she is very creative. We like when she teaches because she always fills our tummies up with good eats.

The Kids Crafting with Cardboard Series will continue with more ideas that will keep the kids imagination flowing. Have fun and let me know what your kids have created with just a simple box!


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