What Happens When your Husband goes Holiday Shopping


 This is what happens when your husband and stepson go shopping without you.

I repeat this is what shows up on your front lawn when your husband goes holiday shopping without you at Garden Ridge. What makes it worse is that he loves to support my love of T-Rex.

{See here for the back story of my love affair with T-Rex.}

In all honesty, one of my friends sent a picture of… Continue reading

Texas Women Bloggers Farm to Table Dinner

Texas Women Bloggers

Where can you meet a past guest on the Montell Williams Show, New & Veteran Moms, Rookie & Seasoned Bloggers, and Lifestyle Bloggers all in one place? The answer is simple. At the Texas Women Bloggers Farm-to-Table Dinner!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to step outside my comfort zone, meet other women bloggers, and enjoy a delicious meal at the Texas Women Bloggers Farm-to-Table Dinner sponsored by Urban Acres, Lone Oak Winery, Market… Continue reading

Why Weekends are Never Long Enough for Parents

Weekends Quote

Looking across my living room, I see the mountain of clothes that I had every intention of folding over the weekend.

It’s Wednesday, the clothes are wrinkled and still waiting to be folded.

Most likely the clothes will stay put until the following weekend or better yet, I will pull the ole “put clothes in dryer for a few minutes” trick to get rid of the wrinkles before I rush out the door.

In addition… Continue reading

My Toddler’s First Drawing

Toddler's First Drawing

 Over the weekend, I got brave and let Reese make her first drawing by using Crayola My First Crayola Easy Grip Washable Markers. The markers have a wider handle which make it easier for toddler to grab them and they are great for fine motor skills. My toddler has a short attention span, so I was surprised that she was entertained for longer than 5 minutes.

My First Crayola
After she drew, she decided she was… Continue reading

DIY Chalky Finish Milk Jars

DIY Chalky Finish Milk Jars

Milk Jars are the new Mason Jars! What better way to spruce them up than with chalkpaint? This craft idea is super easy and fun to make.

DIY Chalky Finish Milk Jars Supplies

Jute Twine

Milk Bottle

Deco Art Americana Chalky Finish Paint

Spouncer Paintbrush

Painter’s Tape


DIY Chalky Finish Milk Jars


DIY Chalky Finish Milk Jars Tutorial

Step one: Use Painter’s Tape to tape around the top of the vase to make a straight line across.… Continue reading

Happy Early Birthday Dax

Dax Happy Early Birthday to my furbaby Dax! He is three years old next week and still a big nut, but we love him none the less. I got a new camera lens today and had to take some photos of Dax that came out really well for the first time in three years.  (His pictures usually come out to be a big blurry black mess!) Anyways, back to Dax, there have been a… Continue reading

25 Easy Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is around the corner and there are so many easy Thanksgiving crafts that kids will enjoy making before or during the holiday. I rounded up 25 easy Thanksgiving crafts that make wonderful décor items that you can incorporate throughout your home. Making these crafts with the children in your life can open up the “What are you thankful for?” conversation. What a great way to get children to open up and count their blessings!… Continue reading

Our First Halloween with a Toddler

Halloween Cat

I did it. I survived my first Halloween with a Toddler. My vision of having a blissful toddler who enjoyed dressing up was quickly smashed the second I made her put on the tutu that I so proudly made. On top of that, my husband had to go out of town last minute and now my dreams of a happy family trick-or-treating experience were only a wish.

However, thankfully, my stepson… Continue reading

Nemours Reading BrightStart Review and Amazon Gift Card Giveaway

Reading BrightStart
DisclaimerAs parents, we know that reading to your child early on and daily is very important. Before I had Reese I loaded her nursery up with books and made an oath to make an effort to read to her many times during the week. Then, reality hit –  especially when I was too exhausted from a long day at work. Some nights it was a struggle to get her to bed at any decent… Continue reading

Halloween Party Guide

Halloween Party Guide

Are you waiting until the eleventh hour to plan your Halloween Party? It can be easy to fall behind considering how busy your life can get. Don’t let lack of time or creativity get in the way of throwing an amazing Halloween Party.

Thanks to Sleepyheads it is easier than ever to plan your own Halloween Party in a short amount of time!  This Halloween Party Guide features many Halloween games, craft and… Continue reading

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