Tucker Hill Pumpkinville

Last weekend we visited the Tucker Hill Pumpkinville for our annual family pumpkin patch outing.  We have been to several pumpkin patches that are huge, crowded and expensive. This was a nice change of pace. It was literally next door to where we live and other than the weather being unusually hot for a fall day, it was… Continue reading

Date Night at Whiskey Cake Kitchen & Bar

After three weeks of working overtime for both my hubby and I (we both work two separate Oktoberfest events in the DFW area), we decided that a date night was long over due. We took the plunge, hired a sitter and had an adult conversation over a warm cooked meal coupled with an adult beverage or… Continue reading

The Many Faces of a Toddler

If there is one thing I have learned about toddlers it’s that they have multiple personalities that change without notice. Some personalities are enjoyable while others are challenging.  None the less, it’s never a dull moment with a toddler- especially when they are in a high chair unable to get out.  When you have a… Continue reading

How my Toddler can Turn Trash into Treasure

Every day with a toddler in the house brings excitement, challenges and can be filled with a rollercoaster of emotions. After experiencing and surviving several mornings filled with stress from a teething toddler, it was nice to take a pause and simply enjoy watching my toddler play with junk this morning.  It was junk that I was too lazy… Continue reading

DIY Faux Vintage Pumpkins

Fall is upon us which means pumpkins, gourdes, and fall decor are all the rage. We carve pumpkins every year, which we will do again, but I wanted to try another pumpkin craft that I saw on Pinterest. There are so many different craft ideas that you can make with the faux pumpkins. They were recently on sale for… Continue reading

Weekend Wrap Up: Brat to You by McKinney Oktoberfest

3 days of authentic Live German Entertainment

1 full night of setting up and tearing down.

2 pairs of worn tennis shoes.

50,000 patrons

100+ volunteers

1 consistent weather season that was fall like (Thank you God!)

2 Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst from Local Yocal and Patina Green

0 oz of German Beer for me (I am on the… Continue reading

Why My Husband Doesn’t “Watch” our Children

I get this question a lot. People who ask this question do not mean any harm by asking it and I know that, but it still drives me bananas. It’s a question that has been asked time-after-time during my 14 months of being a working mom. It can be constant especially when I have to work late or… Continue reading

Behind the Brats Oktoberfest Planning

There’s a reason that I have been a little M-I-A on the blog lately: We are less than 10 days away before we host our largest Festival in Downtown McKinney – Oktoberfest! Every day for the last few weeks has been non stop McKinney Oktoberfest planning. We are very excited to see the event in action.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes… Continue reading

Braun ThermoScan 5 Ear Thermometer Review


How fitting that after weeks of complaining about my current thermometer, I was luckily chosen to receive the Braun Thermoscan 5 Ear Thermometer compliments of Influenster. I had seen it on the shelves when I considered buying a new one, but I was not ready to commit $40 to purchase without testing it out. In the past, I have… Continue reading

I Heard the News Today

I heard the news that someone I used to work with passed away and lost her battle with cancer.

She had a wonderful spirit, outgoing personality and was a great female leader in her field. She was always smiling. She was always laughing. Never one to judge, always there to help. To some she was a mentor, a friend, and… Continue reading

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