Secret Santa Gift Ideas

Secret Santa

I can finally publish this post, because we were able to unveil the identities of our Secret Santas!  This was the first time I had ever participated in Secret Santa. I  am proud of myself for keeping it a secret for longer than a week!  Thanks to Pinterest and a few creative bloggers, I created a pun-intended gift which totally blew my cover because she guessed my identity fairly quickly due to the “cheese” factor involved. Who would’ve guessed? Ha! But, again I kept my mouth shut… Continue reading

This One Time at the Band Concert

Tonight was my stepson’s Winter Band Concert and he did an amazing job. His practice has really paid off and his skills continue to improve with each passing year. I wish It was challenging to take photos of his performance with little Reese running around and the amount of people in attendance.  At 17 months old, Reese’s attention lasts mere seconds. That is when she gets squirmy, refuses to be held, and is eager to explore. That is also the moment that I get the glares from others.

Band Concert

Reese did last until the end of her brother’s… Continue reading

The Ultimate Slumber Party Guide

If you want to throw a slumber party for your kids, but are not sure how to put together a party quickly – look no further! The Ultimate Slumber Party Guide offered below has done all the work for you. From invitations to games to what to cook, this guide will take away any stress so you and your children can enjoy a wonderful party that guests will remember for years to come. You will not find any prank ideas though that we may have used back in the day though… maybe that is a good thing! Oh, the… Continue reading

DIY Happily Ever After Pallet Sign

I have been itching to make a wooden pallet sign after my husband brought home a few pallets a few months ago. I know what you are thinking – a few months ago!?  Listen – it’s hard to find time to craft when you have a very curious toddler in the house. I did manage to finish this during a few of her naps.  I consider myself accomplished after making a happily ever after pallet sign!

Happily Ever After Pallet

I hung it in the middle of our family photos on one of our dining room walls. The only part… Continue reading

Toddler/Life Updates

Life lately has been busy, very busy. Between the bustle and hustle of the holidays, work, and daily tasks – the days are flying by so fast and I find myself wondering where the month went. The monthly baby emails are coming faster than usual. My baby is17 months old and changing every day.


Little Reese is still little, but her personality is getting bigger by the day. Her vocabulary is growing each day with her favorite words being, “No!” and “Thank You!” The ying with the yang, I guess. At least she has manners when she tells you, “No!”.… Continue reading

Riding the Wave of the Future with Verizon Wireless Innovation #VZWInnovation

When I got invited to the Verizon Data Lab to check out their new innovative products I did not know what to expect. In my mind Verizon mainly offered phones along with the infamous “Can you hear me now?” commercial. It was to my surprise that Verizon is making great efforts to spark innovative and cutting edge technology that we can all benefit from in our daily lives.


Walking into the Verizon Data Lab was like  traveling in a time machine complete with futuristic furniture and gadgets galore. It was like Christmas morning with all… Continue reading

2014 Holiday Gift Card Deals

2014 Holiday Gift Card Deals

Let’s face it – buying gift cards may not be the most glamorous and creative way to give, but it can definitely be the most convenient way to spread holiday cheer. I personally love getting gift cards because I can get what I really want. Along with the help of my friend Minok, we are sharing over 30 Holiday Gift Card Deals that include free bonus offers!  Cheers!

Holiday Gift Card Deals

Get a free $10 bonus card, when you buy $50 in gift cards
Barnes and Noble
Buy $75 in gift cards or eGift cards,… Continue reading

DIY Christmas Ornaments Centerpiece Ideas

Christmas Ornament Centerpiece

Do you have leftover ornaments that you don’t do what to do with? Simply place them in a glass vase or trifle bowl and make it your new holiday centerpiece! There are so many different Christmas Ornaments Centerpiece ideas out there. For mine, I used an IKEA glass vase that I had from my wedding and filled it with a few leftover ornaments. Pretty simple!

Christmas Ornament Centerpiece
Complete the look with matching placemats and call it day. I purchased the placemats and gold plate from Target on sale. I am sure I could get even fancier and include upscale holiday themed dishes… Continue reading

How to Decorate your Christmas Tree using Deco Mesh

Deco Mesh Christmas Tree

After 5 years of decorating my Christmas Tree in a blue, winter wonderland theme, it was time to say hello to a new Christmas Tree design. As I was walking through Sam’s Club to find new ornaments, I ran across gold decorative mesh that caught my eye and peeked my interest. I am not a novice when it comes to designing a Christmas Tree, but I am willing to try with my husband’s help, of course! (Poor guy!)

This tree is still a work in progress and I am not 100% finished  with placing the ornaments, skirt and… Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and yours! If you are in the North Texas Area, visit Home for the Holidays in Downtown McKinney. That is what our team has been working on for the past few months and we are happy to that it’s almost here. We worked late last night with Santa’s Elves and will continue to work tonight to get everything perfect for the community to enjoy.

Although I have to work this Thanksgiving holiday, I feel blessed to have a great job, fabulous family and friends, and good health. I am so thankful for all… Continue reading

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